Something Borrowed to the BIG SCREENS!


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Remember my first Emily Giffin post? Well, this is fantastic news to EG fans… As I had mentioned before, the New York Times Best Seller author is making it BIG this year. It has not only been confirmed that Something Borrowed will be heading to the big screens but it will also have its follow-up movie Something Blue !  

With the director from “The Girl Next Door”, Luke Greenfield, and an exceptionally good-looking and talented casting, I cannot describe my level of anxiety to actually watch every second of it in 2011. 

The beautiful bratty bride Darcy will be played by no other than Kate Hudson (really though, I wanted to have a Tom Cruise jump-on-the-Sofa moment when I heard this), while the lovely Ginnifer Goodwin will play Darcy’s best friend, Rachel, who later falls in love with Dex- Darcy’s husband to be.

Now. Are you ready for the male casting? John Krasiski as Ethan, Darcy’s very trusted childhood friend; Steve Howey as Darcy’s fiancee’s best friend and love affair Marcus and -DRUMMMMMMMMMS- Colin Egglesfield as Mr. Dexter!!!!!!! O-M-G I wonder if he plays soccer…. ?!

Regardless, I could not be happier for us loyal readers of the “it girl” in chick lit but also for Emily Giffin herself. From working in a law office, she quit everything to follow her dream of writing and shined right through her own talent in no time. I admire her… which leads me to my next update!

Emily Giffin is going on a 16-cities book tour starting (TODAY) May 12th for the premiere of her latest novel Heart of the Matter.

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Any residents of the NYC area- I will see you there!! For all the other cities, keep on checking Emily’s page on her official site

I will have a full-coverage of my exciting meeting with my favorite author and perhaps get more scoops on the chick flick in the making. 

One word: PUMPED!


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  1. 365at25

    Everything about this post is fantastic- I share your enthusiasm for Emily Giffin and Kate Hudson! I also like the style of your blog, including the layout & header photo! I am definitely going to subscribe.

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